Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 8/1/16

August 1, 201660 min
NO THE TRUTH Megan Barth joins Pastor Greg Young to discuss the deceptive nature of the left as they attack the GOP on the issue of Islam. Whether it's Islam, the BLM, Abortion or the Homosexual Agenda the left has a narrative that is designed to gain sympathy and turn peoples ideologies upside down. Curtis Ellis joins the program to discuss the continued legacy of Hillary lying about her street credentials and touting the elitist agenda. Michael Connelly USJF, the DNC has finally come clean. Listen in as Michael exposes the DNC hypocrisy and their blatant declaration at the last convention. Dr. Vickie Alger explains what is at stake in this election for our education system. The federal government has taken over our education system and it is a train wreck. Dr Alger gives it her grades in FAILURE: the Federal Misedukation of America's Children.

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