Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 8/12/16

August 12, 201660 min
YES ITS LIKE NAZI GERMANY where free speech was eliminated, religion was state controlled and opposition was eliminated. Don Jans helps pull back the curtain to expose how our first amendment has eroded and government has broken through the boundaries set in our Constitution. John Leboutillier brings his insight and insider information on the current state of the presidential race. How bad does Hillary have to be before it shows up in the polls? Can Donald Trump play the media again ? Michelle Seiler Tucker shares with us her insights on the Olympics. In all the celebration has the health threat really gone away? Liz Wheeler Tipping Point with insight on the millennials. How are they being swayed? What influence is media and how do conservative families lose their kids to the Bern and BLM? LIVE AT NOON EDT

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