Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 8/16/16

August 16, 201658 min
Tim Barton Wall Builders joins Pastor Greg. Wall Builders has the largest private collection of founding fathers original documents in the world, over 100,000. Tim will be discussing the revisionist historians and their efforts to change the perception of America as a Christian nation. Were our founders deists, atheists or nominal Christians? Was John Locke a philosopher in the same way that secular philosophers are today? How much of the bible is reflected in our nations founding and how has abandoning that actually taken away freedom form all and opened us up to being taken over by entities like ISIS? Derrick Wilburn joins me to discuss the riots in Milwaukee and the calls for burning down white neighborhoods. The biggest racist story in the nation is happening in Colorado and you will never guess whose doing it. Derrick fills us in. Dr John Hunt Chief Medical Officer for Liberty Health Share joins Pastor Greg to discuss "Moral Hazard" and the "third party Payor Probllem". The system

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