Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 8/18/16

August 18, 201660 min
THEY ARE AFTER OUR GUNS! Larry Pratt CEO of Gun Owners of America GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA joins Pastor Greg to discuss the GUN CONTROL policies of ‪#‎CROOKEDHILLARY‬. FOX News reports," In his analysis for CNN, Eric Bradner acknowledges Clinton’s support for many different types of gun control -- a 25 percent tax on handguns, an assault weapons ban, repeal of laws allowing permitted concealed handguns, and background checks on the private transfer of guns. Clinton also has supported increased fees and a variety of regulations that her husband imposed. Thanks to Bill Clinton’s regulations, the number of licensed firearms dealers from 248,155 in 1992 to 67,479 in 2000 -- a 73 percent reduction." SEAN MCFATE Associate Professor at NATIONAL DEFENSE UNIVERSITY joins in to discuss the Putin-Russian-Iranian AXIS, the impact of Russia in Crimea the swift action by Trump to step down MANAFORT after the NYT expose'. Many believe that PUTIN is the MOST DANGEROUS man in the WORLD. WHY? JOE MESSINA T

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