Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 8/19/16

August 19, 201660 min
‪#‎DISTORTEDAMERICA‬ why do so many see AMERICA as the ENEMY and the EVIL in the world? Because ACADEMICS have rewritten history and LIE to our students! Don Jans author of My Grandchildrens America joins Pastor Greg as we discuss and expose the warped reality of the left. WHO is responsible for ISLAM attacking AMERICA? According to the left AMERICA! @FNInsider John Leboutillier joins Pastor Greg to discuss the recent upheaval in the TRUMP camp and todays resignation of PAULMANAFORT. Is Trump righting the ship? Are the attacks on the Bannon selection warranted? Can Trump snatch victory out of the mouth of defeat? KEN TIMMERMAN joins Pastor Greg to discuss the pay for ransom narrative. What happens when we pay terrorists for hostages? What other secrets are being kept from us? How has Hillary's Chicago not been ascribed to her? Why is no one talking about the issues in the Clinton campaign? MICHAEL LOFTUS Comedian joins Pastor Greg to help create a few laughs and prepare us for the week

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