Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 8/23/16

August 23, 201660 min
‪#‎HillarysAmerica‬ Dinesh D'Souza joins Pastor Greg to discuss Hillary, the Democrat Party deception and when will Americans realize that they are being played? How does the Democrat party get away with the deception? What will it take to educate minorities and the working class that the Democrat party is not THEIR party or Their FRIEND?
Jonathan Saenz founder and President of Texas Values joins us to discus the good news out of a federal judges decision from Sunday night finding that the Obama Administrations Federal Transgender Bathroom Access Guidelines, an attempt to force the use of school bathrooms by male students is unconstitutional. Is it over now? What is next for us and for them? How do we protect our girls?
Dr John Hunt Chief Medical Officer Liberty Health Share joins Pastor Greg to discuss the failure that is Obamacare and to further emphasize the issue of Moral Hazard and how this affects you. What can you do about it?
Michael Daugherty author, speaker The Devil Inside t

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