Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 8/5/16

August 5, 201661 min
HOW MUCH IS OBAMA PAYING TO DESTROY ISRAEL? Recent revelations have uncovered that Obama sent $400,000,000 to Iran for the exchange of hostages, but in light of the Nuclear Deal and Iran's stated goal of destroying Israel, what message does this send about Obama's intent to create a Palestinian State? Remember it was Obama who tried to oust Netanyahu, who refused to see him and who has repeatedly rebuked the Israeli leader in his speeches. Jeff Dunetz @YidwithLid joins Pastor Greg to discuss. John Leboutillier Political Insider will give us the Inside scoop on the crazy rumors about Trump dropping. Also, the continued hearing about Islamic Supremacist Kzahir Khan and his Muslim Brotherhood ties, the recent polls and the Clinton tale of lies. I will have some commentary for you on several stories I am following. The Exceptional Conservative Kenneth McClenton joins me to discuss the alliance between the DNC, BLM and now the libertarian Gary Johnson. Why is this organization being given a

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