Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 8/8/16

August 8, 201660 min
CLINTON EMAILS KILL ALLIES AND US PERSONNEL but as Hillary says, what difference does it make? Especially when your goal is the continuation of fundamentally transforming America. Donald Trump on Friday endorsed John McCain, Paul Ryan and Kelly Ayotte. Is this a bridge to unify or a bridge too far for some of his followers? Megan Barth @reagan_baby joins Pastor Greg to discuss. Also, are you tired and feeling a little discouraged in the midst of all the news we are witnessing? Does it fell like the darkness is winning? Dr Robert Morgan has a new book out entitled "The Strength You Need", The Twelve Great Strength Passages of the Bible. How can these verses encourage you and give you the hope to persevere? Tune in to find out. Michael Connelly USJF Executive Director joins Pastor Greg to discuss the latest revelations about the $400,000,000 transfer. Has a treasonous act occurred? What constitutional violations have been committed? Also, are veterans being targeted again?

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