Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 9/21/16

September 21, 201660 min
#IslamicTerrorists #DemocratDeathCulture #Youthenasia #MediaLIES Dan Gainor Media Research Center joins Chosen Generation Radio Show host Pastor Greg to discuss the medias refusal to that this past weekends attacks were carried out by Islamists who were not born in the USA and who were adhering to their belief systems. Also, Belgium just had its first youthenasia as there law allowing children to receive assisted suicide was acted upon. Finally the year old testimony of Priscilla Smith of Planned Parenthood calling dismemberment humane. #KillaryFreeFall Can the media rescue her? Jeffrey Stephens author "Rogue Mission", attorney and commentator at the Daily Surge weighs in on the Clinton free fall and the trump surge. David Shestokas Constitutional Sound Bytes, educating a new generation on the constitution. Joe Messina The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina joins Pastor Greg to discuss everything you won't hear on mainstream media, at least not like this!

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