Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 9/2/16

September 2, 201660 min
#GLAMOURBOYOBAMA While on August 4th North Korea is testing ballistic missiles, the WH is dodging the $400 million paid to Iran, Voter ID laws are being nullified, SCOTUS normalizes bathroom access, rioting greets the Olympians in Rio, Obama is busy granting 214 prisoners clemency and writing a piece about feminists for Glamour magazine. Welcome to the Marxist utopia of Barrack Obama, Don Jans joins Pastor Greg to discuss.
John Leboutillier Political Insider joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Electoral College, Trump's latest speech, the effect of the newest release of Clinton emails and more.
Raymond Herrera joins Pastor Greg to discuss illegal immigration. As an American of Hispanic descent Raymond represents millions of Americans that are fed up with the illegal immigration invasion. He will also discuss his upcoming speech at TEXIT this Saturday in Austin.

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