Circle of Hearts

Ascension and the Crystal Skulls

July 3, 201656 min
Aired Sunday, 3 July 2016, 2:00 PM ET

The first Sundays of each month I will be sharing a personal space with my Listeners. Originally called Ask the Oracle, I realized I needed to change this, as we all grow, The use of the word Oracle, which can also mean wisdom keeper feels to me to elicit an ego based talk. Instead, I approach this time as a sharing, EXPERIENCE OF LIFE TOGETHER. Each show I will focus on a subject and discussed ideas based on the life journey.

About Allayah Frisch

Allayah-Frisch, a veteran radio host, author, and conference speaker, in her safe sanctuary on the airwaves - Circle of Hearts Radio - a place where your spirit will be enlightened and replenished.

With her unique background, including a near-death experience, and with psychic intuitive abilities and expertise in many modalities (which she uses in her private readings), Allayah brings the energy of the ancestors into the present in order to boost the collective awareness of all life forms on planet Ea

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