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The Dark Night of the Soul and Rebirth

June 5, 201656 min
Aired Sunday, 5 June 2016, 2:00 PM ET

The first Sundays of each month I will be sharing a personal space with my Listeners. Originally called Ask the Oracle, I realized I needed to change this, as we all grow, the use of the word Oracle, which can also mean wisdom keeper feels to me to elicit a ego based talk. Instead, I approach this time as a sharing, EXPERIENCE OF LIFE TOGETHER. Each show I will focus on a subject and list in my newsletter, I shall discuss my person journey with the subject and ask you to send in questions to be answered on air. As a question and a sharing, may help another for clarity. I ask you to send in your questions to this email From my heart and life experience i will gladly share.

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Allayah Frisch, a veteran radio host, author, and conference speaker, in her safe sanctuary on the airwaves – Circle of Hearts Radio — a place where your spirit will be enlightened and replenished.

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