Predominantly Orange Podcast

Episode 13: "Kryptonite Cam"

February 13, 201658 min
Cody is back after Super Bowl 50 with the latest news and analysis around the NFL and the Denver Broncos. After Denver's 3rd Super Bowl win over the Panthers, Cody discusses how Denver executed their gameplan to stop the NFL's #1 leading offense. Johnny Manziel is making headlines once again and for all the wrong reasons, what is his future looking like? Is there a bias by the NFL regarding how they discipline white athletes compared to African American Athletes? Derek Favretto (@Favretto) joins the Podcast to discuss the Broncos win. And last but not least! The 2:00 Warning showcases LeSean McCoy's run in with the law, Matt Forte's free agency bid, and Cam Newton's media shenanigans!

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