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Episode 16: Judge, Jury, and Executioner

March 25, 201636 min
Cody indulges in a late night POD of thought talking about the NFL's Competition Committee and some of their new rule changes they have created for the upcoming NFL Season. An NFL Official acknowledged that there is a link between brain disease and football and the NFL has since tried to backpedal their way out of acknowledging Jeff Miller said it. Cody shares his concussion thoughts and experience and compares it to the current state of the NFL. Also discussed: NFL announces plans to have a game in China by 2018 and the NFL Players Association is looking to strike a deal with the NFL that would strip Roger Goodell of his power to discipline players for their off the field antics. How did Mr. Goodell achieve that $25M bonus this past year when his base salary is at $3.5M per year? Cody vents about his dislike for Roger Goodell and what he is doing to the game of football. ALL THAT AND MUCH MORE!!!





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