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Season 2 Episode 4: "Charles Barkley is a hypocrite"

July 12, 201660 min
In this week's edition of the Coaches Corner Podcast, Cody is joined in studio by Grand Junction Gladiators Defensive Backs Deshaunte Webber and Greg Lawson to talk and discuss the state of the ADFL playoffs and they discuss the potential ADFL and Franchise Record for Defensive Points allowed in a season.

With the Denver Broncos and Von Miller just days away from the deadline to reach an agreement on a contract extension, the clock ticks for them to come to a deal that will keep Von Miller as a Denver Bronco for the next 5-6 years and will make him the highest paid defensive player in NFL History.

Cody also analyzes UFC 200 and gives you his opinion on what Brock Lesnar's UFC future should look like. Cody also takes a moment to touch base on the social issues that the United States is currently facing in the aftermath of police related shootings and the tragedy in Dallas. Controversial? Possibly, you decide!

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