Coffee with the Pastor

Coffee with the Pastor

Coffee with the Pastor is a weekly podcast and radio show on WCLN 105.7. The show is hosted Andy McDaniel, Senior Pastor at West Fayetteville Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC.Each show features deep, but lighthearted conversations with pastors and ministry leaders who love their communities and they people they serve deeply.


November 27, 2023 55 mins
In this engaging episode of "Coffee with the Pastor," host Pastor Andy McDaniel and guest Pastor Kyle Seeger delve into the profound impact of our thoughts and words on our lives and culture. They emphasize the importance of filling our hearts and minds with positive, scriptural influences, discussing how thoughts often translate into words and actions, shaping our perception and interactions with the world.Podcast Show Notes
  1. In...
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In this episode of "Coffee with the Pastor," host Andy McDaniel engages Jake Moore in a profound discussion about the importance of a strong foundation in faith and leadership, particularly for pastors and Christian leaders.

They emphasize the significance of understanding one's identity in Christ, the dangers of comparing oneself to others, and the necessity of building one's life on solid, biblical principles rather than the shift...
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Coffee with the Pastor | Seeing Is Believing with JD Tew.
  1. The Importance of Deepening Relationship with Christ
    • The journey of getting to know Christ is similar to getting to know a spouse.
    • The need to understand Christ on a deeper level.
  2. Church Division and Unity
    • Observations on multiple churches within short distances due to disagreements.
    • The negative impact of church divisions on non-believers.
    • The importance of unity ...
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In this episode of "Coffee with the Pastor," we dive deep into the essence of love—loving God and loving your neighbor. Our special guests, Gary Strickland and Bailey Weeks, share their insights on how to truly love your neighbor by focusing on the soul, not the surface. We also discuss the importance of God's word in understanding the value of a soul and how embracing God's love can change your life. So grab your coffee and join u...
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Welcome to another episode of "Coffee with the Pastor," hosted by Pastor Andy McDaniel. This week, we have a special guest, Pastor John Wixtrom from the Church of the Open Door.

The episode dives deep into the concept of trust, particularly focusing on godly confidence versus self-confidence. They explore the importance of trust in our relationship with God and how it can be a game-changer in our lives. Both pastors share their per...
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In this episode of "Coffee with the Pastor," Andy McDaniel hosts Trent Haywood for a dive deep into understanding God as our Father. They explore the fatherly nature of God, emphasizing His love, guidance, and correction. The conversation touches on the importance of staying biblical in our definitions of God and how God's love is a transformative force in our lives. It's a heartwarming chat that will leave you pondering the depth ...
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In this enlightening episode of "Coffee with the Pastor," Andy McDaniel and John Murphy delve into the transformative concept of spiritual adoption. They tackle the lies of the enemy that aim to keep us enslaved and highlight the importance of understanding God's ferocious love for us.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking a deeper relationship with God and a better understanding of their spiritual identity. Tune in to be...
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"You're the light of the world. You're the flavor of Truth to deception." ~ Tony McVickers

Join host Andy McDaniel and special guest Pastor Tony McVickers from Rockfish Church in Raeford, NC for a soul-stirring episode of "Coffee with the Pastor."

Dive deep into discussions about the unwavering Gospel of Jesus Christ, the importance of seeking truth in a world filled with confusion, and the role of believers in sharing the light of t...
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October 2, 2023 48 mins
Miracles, Wrestling, and the Power of Faith
Episode Highlights: This episode dives deep into the unexpected challenges life throws, the miracles that can arise, and the power of faith and community during trying times. Lodi's heartfelt testimony serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to the strength of the human spirit when backed by faith.
  1. Introduction
    • Host: Pastor Andy McDaniel
    • Special Guest: Lodi, former World Championsh...
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September 25, 2023 55 mins
Coffee with the Pastor 11: Seeing Is Believing with JD Tew.
  1. The Importance of Deepening Relationship with Christ
    • The journey of getting to know Christ is similar to getting to know a spouse.
    • The need to understand Christ on a deeper level.
  2. Church Division and Unity
    • Observations on multiple churches within short distances due to disagreements.
    • The negative impact of church divisions on non-believers.
    • The importance of unit...
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he Peace of God in Times of Anxiety

Pastor Andy McDaniels and his guest, Pastor Kyle Seeger of Calvary Chapel of Fayetteville cover a broad range of subtopics as they discuss what peace is and is not in this invigorating conversation.
  1. Introduction
    • Welcome to "Coffee with the Pastor."
    • Discussion on the importance of peace in our lives.
  2. Understanding Anxiety
    • The reality of anxiety in today's world.
    • How anxiety affects belie...
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Now with more than 30 years in ministry, Dr. Michael McGill is the Senior Pastor of Grace Place Christian Church in Hope Mills, NC.

In this episode he joins Andy McDaniel for a friendly conservation as they talk noestly about the intentional effort of unity, defeating Satan's 'divide and conquer' strategy and much more as they circle making truth itself the common denominator.

Meet Michael in today's episode, and check out the minis...
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Now in his 48th year of ministry, Don Cherry is a pastor's Pastor. In today's Coffee with the Pastor, he and Andy McDaniel discuss the importance of a solid foundation as they circle the struggles many pastors face regularly:
  • The Lack of 'heartiness'
  • The 'ME' Mentality
  • 'Casualty Rate' in Ministry
  • The Danger of a Pluralistic Society
It's a great conversation that compares the difference between marriage and being married to the ...
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What does it mean to know Jesus?

This is the question host Andy McDaniel and his guest Steve Kirk set out to answer on this week's Coffee With The Pastor.

Steve Kirk is the Pastor of Green Springs Baptist Church in Parkton, NC. Join the conversation as it journeys toward knowing a God who wants to be known.

Learn more about Steve and the church he leads at:

Andy McDaniel is the Pastor of West...
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Listen along as host Andy McDaniel and his guest Chris Autry as they dive deep into today's question: Why Do I Need God?

Chris Autry serves as Senior Pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Eastover, NC. The conversation takes several turns - some less expected than others - as these two men meet and share their hearts on issues related to the beauty and hardship of traversing this life as an ambassador for Christ.

Learn more about Chris ...
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The path of today's conversation journeys into depth, sincerity and reality from the pulpit. As Pastor Andy and his guest, Brad Lynch talk about the depth of unforgiveness, distractions and struggles for leaders, they land at the need for all of us to understand the difference between activity and identity.

Brad Lynch is Senior Pastor of Southview Baptist Church in Hope Mills, NC. You can connect and learn more whhen you visit http:...
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Talking about what it means to be 'Saved' with today's guest, Dan DeBruler.

Andy and Dan discuss what it means to be ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor 5:20-21) as they journey toward repentance, transformation, and the value of knowing Christ,

Dan DeBruler is a Teacher and Director of Discipleship for RockFish Church, a multi-campus church based in Raeford, NC. He's also been a Christian Music Broadcaster serving North Carolina with rad...
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Joining Pastor Andy McDaniel today is Trent Haywood.

Trent is Senior Pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church in Raeford, NC. The conversation takes many turns, but stays the course of truth as the pair discuss:
  • Foundations which matter
  • Founding on the Word of God
  • The importance of Gospel clarity
  • The prevalence of untruth
  • Theological triage
  • Understanding differences and their importance
  • Being examples of holiness & Christlikeness
  • Understa...
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Today's guest is Tony McVickers - Senior Pastor of North Carolina-based RockFish Church.The church has three US locations, a church in Manila, Philippines, and a unique online-based community.
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Hey there! If you're a pastor, a Christian leader, or just someone fascinated by spiritual leadership and community, you're in for a treat! "Coffee with the Pastor" Episode 1 is a heartwarming and insightful journey into the lives and thoughts of two dedicated pastors, Andy McDaniel and Dale Paschal. It's like sitting down for a comforting chat over a cup of coffee.

The episode delves into the real-life challenges and joys of pastor...
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