Top Trader Radio [Episode 12] James Leigh Says, ‘Be Choosy When it Comes to Opportunity'

January 23, 201821 min

21 min
Top Trader Radio [Episode 11] Danny Merkel: Minimize Stress with a Systematic Approach

December 15, 201726 min

26 min
Top Trader Radio [Episode 10] David Stephens: Indices vs. Stocks? Do what works for you.

December 13, 201723 min

23 min
Top Trader Radio [Episode 9] Richard Metzger prefers pragmatism and probabilities to the pursuit of perfection

October 8, 201730 min

30 min
Top Trader Radio [Episode 8] GD Singh challenges conventional wisdom but follows common sense

September 21, 201720 min

20 min
Top Trader Radio [Episode 7] Brad Pappas proves that green portfolios can stay well in the black

September 10, 201725 min

25 min
Top Trader Radio [Episode 6] Alessandro Cocciola's strategy has experienced 4 years of good "Carma"

July 31, 201717 min

17 min
Top Trader Radio [Episode 5] IQBroker's Daniel Tochner has 18 ways to make you a better trader

July 18, 201721 min

21 min
Top Trader Radio [Episode 4] Paolo Geronazzo's ANTARES SP500 Trading Strategy has 3-ways to shine.

July 5, 201718 min

18 min
Top Trader Radio [Episode 3] John Netto takes performance measurement into a 3rd dimension

June 26, 201727 min

27 min

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