ComicsVerse Comics Podcast

ComicsVerse Comics Podcast


Talking Gender! ComicsVerse Releases New Podcast About Gender Hosted By Trans and/or Non-Binary Creators

April 10, 201962 min

62 min
Episode 110: Who is Marvel's Black Widow?

April 2, 201956 min

56 min
Episode 108: Why is Jean Grey Always Dying?

March 18, 201964 min

64 min
Episode 107: Kelly Thompson's Kate Bishop aka Marvel's Hawkeye

March 12, 201977 min

77 min
Episode 106: Marvel's House of M

March 5, 201970 min

70 min
Episode 105: Tom Taylor's X-Men Red

February 26, 2019154 min

154 min
An Exploration of Life in Tom King's VISION

November 6, 201884 min

84 min
Scott Snyder Talks JUSTICE LEAGUE #11 and the DROWNED EARTH Event

November 5, 201823 min

23 min
Episode 103: Why DC Comics' KINGDOM COME is Considered a Classic Comic Book

September 17, 201882 min

82 min
Marvel Comics Peter David Interview Talks X-Factor's Polaris, Rictor and Shatterstar's Homosexual On-Panel Kiss at Five Points Festival

September 17, 201810 min

10 min

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The ComicsVerse podcast was born out of the principles Justin Alba and Kathleen Wisneski learned while studying at Columbia University in a course titled "Comic Books and Graphic Novels as Literature." ComicsVerse takes an in-depth, analytical, and almost academic, approach to comic book characters and storylines utilizing comic book theory as put forth by Scott McCloud in his definitive work UNDERSTANDING COMICS. All that smart talk aside, we sometimes have potty mouths, but we always manage to have a ton of fun by interviewing comic book creators, artists, writers, editors and historians as well as having panel discussions involving character studies and delving into the plot intricacies of particular story arcs. ... Show More

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