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Episode 81: The Wicked and The Divine

August 18, 2016141 min
At the center of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s THE WICKED + THE DIVINE is a set of suave, sexy, newly-super-powered people who have been granted the powers of deities from across cultures and religions. Every 90 years, a new generation of gods emerges through an event called the “Recurrence,” but there’s a cost to their power: Within two years, all of them will be dead.

The latest iteration emerges as a crew of huge personalities befitting of the 21st century’s celebrity worship culture. The gods play massive shows and throw multi-day ragers, attracting legions of adherents just like a real-world celebrity might—with the obvious advantage of having supernatural abilities.

Through it all, though, the clock is ticking, and after Lucifer gets herself into trouble with the law, things start to go south for the Pantheon. Meanwhile, our protagonist, a teenager named Laura, gets in with “Luci” and some of the other gods, skirting the edge of fame as she becomes entangled in their web o

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