Compulsive Overeating Diary

Ep 0064 – Inner Bravery and Trusting Yourself

July 18, 201453 min
Laurie makes a shocking decision about what to let go of today! A new way to measure progress is rolled out. Thanks to listeners for supporting the show on iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn radio. Special thanks to Cheryl, Sue, and Karen for posting comments on Alen's blogs after Laurie and Alen's interview. Dawny is on the bravery report for calling the bravery hotline with an audio question for Alen and Laurie's next interview. Laurie answers part of the question now and Alen weighs in via email until they can address the topics more in depth in future. Laurie's pleased and humbled that a new listener and brave companion from Rhode Island calls the bravery hotline to share her story and we are the very first people to ever hear her thoughts about her eating struggles. Laurie's also floored that a Brave Companion actually sent her $5.00 via her new button and Laurie digs deep on what that brings up in her and why. More thoughts and feedback about the scale and a key comment from Kendra via

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