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Daughter of Sceva Heidi Linden

March 6, 201658 min
Daughter of Sceva, Set Me Free. A True Story of the Supernatural with Heidi Linden
Tonight on Deception Detection Radio with Kay, special guest, Heidi Linden, promises to have you looking at people in an entirely new way. Those neighbors next to you that you like so much, in a coven. Your child's sweet school teacher who never gets upset, a satanist. You would be shocked how many people are up to their necks in occult practices. People who seem so ordinary. This Sunday, author, radio host , paranormal investigator and deliverance warrior for God, mother, wife and more, Heidi Linden joins Kay to discuss her book, "Daughter of Sceva, Set Me Free. A True Story of the Supernatural." Join them as Heidi shares her experiences growing up and as a young woman. Things she saw and did every day and thought were normal and good were actually deep in the dark side. Get the coffee brewing and your Bible ready and prepare for a journey of supernatural proportions! This is definitely an episode you

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