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Detestable with Thomas Dunn

July 10, 201652 min
Tonight on Deception Detection, joining Kay and Chad, is Filmmaker, Thomas Dunn. His latest movie is slated for release on July 12thh, 2016. Detestable is a factual account from the survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Join them as they discuss Detestable and all of went in to it's making.
* *Warning:This is a hard hitting episode of Deception Detection Radio and we strongly recommend you use discrimination when children may be present and possibly hear. It is not intended for the little ones to hear.**
So grab your Bible, kick back in your favorite chair as Kay, Chad and Tom take you on this informative journey.
Kay and Chad would like to thank Justen Faull of Fourth Watch Radio for creating their new logo. Justen is an amazing friend and Christian brother who always makes the time to do for others no matter how busy he is. Love you brother and thank you!
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