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The Hitler Connection with Author, Gary Wayne

May 15, 201691 min
This week on Deception Detection Radio with Kay and Chad, Kay Carswell debuts her new cohost, Chad Riley, of Truthseekers Research, and Remnant Revolution. This weeks amazing guest is Gary Wayne, author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy, returning to talk about Hitler and the Nazi's connection to the Genesis 6 Conspiracy. Delving into connections of Himmler's recently discovered Library of 13,000 occult books, the Vril, and Thule Society. As well as other Esoteric, and Occultist such as Blavatsky. Gary Wayne doesn't hold back or sugar coat anything in this highly informative, and mind blowing episode. Grab your Bible, coffee, snacks, and your family and friends as they travel back to The Hitler Connection.
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