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Sex is often referred to as the life force energy that runs through us all. This energy is one which when repress or suppress can zap a person of their vitality as well as negatively affect their outlook of life. The link between sex, creativity and the sense of aliveness is strong. Of all the emotions and feelings we are capable of experience, ecstasy has to be most powerful we can experience. How does one use sex for one’s spiritual evolution? Or for emotional healing? In the first place, is it even possible? Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee has been intrigued with these questions, as well as all things related to love, sex and everything in-between from a young age. As the only certified sexologist in Singapore, Martha utilizes her years of experience in sexuality coaching, professional communications and volunteer counseling to present Eros Evolution. On Eros Evolution, she will discuss and interview guests on topics related to love, sex and the s... Show More

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