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God’s Callgirl and Healing from Abuse

June 23, 201656 min
Aired Thursday, 23 June 2016, 4:00 PM ET

God’s Callgirl is the name of Carla van Raay’s memoir that has now sold over half a million copies around the world. It is a colourful story of a Catholic girl born in the Netherlands, who became a nun after migrating to Australia, stayed for 12 years and then left…to become a sex worker at the age of 34.

Why did she do this? And what is she doing now?

Carla is here today to answer those questions.

She will speak about the major wounds are that are created by abuse and how this affects our sexual expression and our relationships.

She will speak about what she did to heal herself and how others can learn from her. Along the way, she will treat us to some excerpts from God’s Callgirl, and from her current book, Healing from Abuse.

She says: “I am 77, I have been on the healing journey since 1992, and now feel I am in a position to help others who are a few steps behind me.”

Her aim is to create a wave of healing around the world, one person

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