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Positively Pleasurable Relationship

August 25, 201655 min
Aired Thursday, 25 August 2016, 4:00 PM ET
Life is challenging, relationships more so. In this interview, author and sex and relationships expert Carl Frankel discusses how to manage the inevitable conflicts in your relationship and co-create a connection that’s built on a positive attitude and skillful communicating.
* Why is relationship harmony so difficult to achieve?
* What are the most common mistakes partners make?
* What are the best ways to create a happier, better partnership?
* Why did you call your book “Love and the More Perfect Union?”
* What are the different ‘rooms’ in a relationship?
* What’s the best way to handle anger in a relationship
About the Guest Carl Frankel
Carl Frankel is a writer and journalist specializing in sex and relationships. For his most recent book, Secrets of the Sex Masters, he interviewed sixteen of the world’s best sex teachers and, in partnership with them, turned the interviews into chapters providing guidance on subjects such as

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