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Raising Sexual Energy with Paul Bagge

August 11, 201655 min
Aired Thursday, 11 August 2016, 4:00 PM ET
Throughout history humans have sought to cultivate their sexual energy for a higher purpose. We will discuss how this has been done in the past, and some ways it is done today. We will talk about cultivating sexual energy for the purposes of healing, and then we can segway into what Paul is up to.
He is about to start touring the country teaching and certifying practitioners in Sensual Reiki – a new form of Reiki that he developed. It is a modality that begins to tap into our sexual energy to amplify the healing effects of traditional Reiki. 4p.m. EST Live.
About the Guest Paul Bagge
Rev. Paul Bagge is a Sex Intimacy Coach, Sexual Healer/Bodyworker, CMT and an Ordained Spiritual Minister based in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Paul has been working with women and couples for more than twenty years. Working primarily in the areas of repressed sexuality and healing from sexual abuse or trauma, Paul works with enhanced

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