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Sex as a Sacred Journey from Womb to End of Life

August 4, 201656 min
Aired Thursday, 4 August 2016, 4:00 PM ET
As the founder of The Shame Free Zone, Veronica Monet is passionate about healing all shame but especially sexual shame. As a Certified Sexologist she is on a mission to educate adults about their sacred sexual birthright. She will reveal the average age when most human children begin to masturbate and how our relationship with our sexuality changes over time, often in ways which are destructive to our well being. And she will provide clear steps for reclaiming our sacred sexual birthright, our shameless connection to our our sexual natures and the joy and passion which sexual energy infuses in every aspect of our lives.
About the Guest Veronica Monet, ACS
Veronica Monet is on a mission to heal shame and connect people to their personal power. She believes that sexual energy is the most powerful and transformative energy in the Universe and she teaches her clients how to connect their spiritual path to their sexual expression. Veronica Monet i

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