Full of Ship: A Vizion Podcast

Full of Ship: A Vizion Podcast

Full of Ship Podcast: Real Answers to Real Problems It’s time to demystify the chaotic, often turbulent world of ocean freight. There are simpler ways to get more done in the supply chain. Join host Kyle Henderson, the co-founder & CEO of VIZION, for Full of Ship, a podcast that offers a new generation’s radically fresh take on the supply chain. Kyle and his guests have honest, simple conversations about the latest industry developments and how technologies can help solve the problems faced by freight forwarders, carriers, shippers, and procurement specialists. For years, you’ve been stuck in a rut doing things the same way. It’s time to break out of that comfort zone! All it takes is a willingness to absorb and adopt technologies in place of your previous workflows. It sounds daunting, but it does not have to be. It only feels complex if you think of the enormity of it all. Change is never easy and seldom comfortable, but that’s where this podcast can help. We discuss real solutions to real problems from a truly collaborative perspective. It’s no longer about, “What’s in it for me?” It’s about, “What can we accomplish together?” That requires not just information-sourcing but info-sharing — and in real-time. Let’s tear down the walls preventing informed decision-making and impeding progress. Join us for every episode of Full of Ship by subscribing from your favorite podcast platform. About VIZION Vizion was founded by Kyle Henderson and Tyler Hughes, who, while leading product teams at supply chain control tower companies, learned firsthand the challenges in accessing the fundamental datasets needed for shipment visibility, primarily containerized freight. Their vision was to create a simpler, faster, more accessible data-rich protocol that would empower the next generation of container tracking technologies and companies. And so Vizion was born. With instant access to the most complete, standardized, and detailed container tracking information available, forward-looking companies can create more powerful and agile solutions, delivering greater supply chain visibility and control for their stakeholders without and within.


September 27, 2023 41 mins
Unlocking Supply Chain Visibility: A Conversation with Iliriana Kaçaniku of Open Visibility Network

In this enlightening episode of "Full of Ship," we are thrilled to host Iliriana Kaçaniku, the Vice President for Strategy & Innovation at the Open Visibility Network (OVN). With over two decades of experience in cultivating open systems through Open Innovation, Open Government, and Open Society, Iliriana is a seasoned leader and ...
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In this riveting episode of "Full of Ship," we are elated to have Anya Skomorokhova, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of PorterLogic. Embark with us on this enlightening expedition into the world of B2B SaaS and supply chain optimization, as Anya shares her invaluable insights and experiences. From leading B2B SaaS product teams to establishing PorterLogic, her journey is nothing short of inspirational. Dive in as we uncove...
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August 23, 2023 60 mins
In this compelling episode of "Full of Ship," we are thrilled to welcome Miles Varghese, Growth Product Manager at Expedock. Join us as we voyage through the intricate channels of the logistics industry, enlightened by Miles' profound insights. With an illustrious background that spans numerous achievements in the realm of logistics and technology, Miles offers a fresh and informed perspective on the current challenges and future p...
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n this riveting episode of "Full of Ship," we have the pleasure of hosting Matthew Silver, the VP of Strategic Partnerships at Greenscreens.ai. Dive into a conversation that scales the breadth and depth of the logistics industry, touching upon the powerful transformation led by Greenscreens.ai - an entity that promises pricing precision unlike any other. Matt, with his diverse background from grassroots small businesses to an execu...
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Kyle Henderson is joined by David Applegate, Founder of ImportYeti, to discuss how the company leverages U.S. customs sea shipment data to streamline supplier discovery, tips on setting up & maintaining supplier relationships, and how ImportYeti's data aid in the negotiation and cost management aspects of these relationships.

5:06 Data-Driven Successful Supplier Relationships
13:54 Negotiation/Cost Management in Import/Export Bu...
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Kyle Henderson is joined by Jonah McIntire, Chief Network Officer at Transporeon, to discuss digitalization within the supply chain industry, freight market cooling, and ChatGPT!

10:30 Where are we in the industry with digitization?
37:50 Let’s talk about the substack newsletter articles.
45:00 With the freight market cooling, what does it mean for the industry?
49:35 Let's chat about AI: ChatGPT, Dall-E, etc.
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Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems & BusinessCode for 20+ Years, joins Full of Ship to discuss partnerships for End-to-End Visibility, the business requirements, customer needs and expectations in air freight, tiers of data importance in the visibility space, and what other elements of visibility that companies should be considering.

7:10 Partnerships for End-to-End Visibility
10:04 Business Requirements, Customer needs and E...
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Jim McCullen, Chief Information Officer of Century Distribution Systems joins Full of Ship to discuss tech solutions, trends for successful tech implementation, and his experience in the field.

Jim was very kind to offer his course Control Your Day - Microsoft Outlook Email Mastery System for FREE to our listeners! Coupon Code: FULLOFSHIP


7:57 - Let's talk organization
10:30 - Do tech co...
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Lucas Schorer, President & Co-Founder of Kestrel Insights joins Full of Ship to discuss Kestrel's focus on data quality & geofencing, if the industry's trending toward ecosystems or monoliths, the demand for indoor geofencing, & what the future look like for geo-related supply chain tech.

2:42 With your focus on quality data and geofencing, who are Kestrel's customers?
5:02 What do you think the buyers in the market are f...
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Amir Taichman, Founder & CEO of Unity SCM joins Full of Ship to discuss what is the future for supply chain consolidation, how much value has come from inter-operability, and how should supply chain decision makers plan for their future.

00 - Intros and Supply Chain Product Talk
18:32 - What is the future for supply chain consolidation
22:50 - How much value has come from inter-operability
27:33 - Differences between a network of E...
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September 28, 2022 55 mins
Ken Lyon, Managing Director of Virtual Partners joins Full of Ship to discuss where is the market today in end-to-end supply chain visibility, is the chasing of Amazon’s logistics prowess realistic and how do companies look to compete to stay competitive with those expectations.

How Ken Lyon Landed on the Cover of Wired Magazine in 1999
Where is the market today in end-to-end supply chain visibility?
What should shippers think about ...
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Pierre Garreau CEO & Co-Founder of Searoutes joins Full of Ship to discuss what kind of customers does SeaRoutes serve, the biggest misconceptions regarding carbon emissions & technology, and the new trends for carbon emissions and logistics.

5:45 What kind of customers does SeaRoutes serve?
8:35 From Academia to marketable product... How did you do it?
19:04 What are the biggest misconceptions regarding carbon emissions and t...
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Daniel Sokolovsky CEO & Co-Founder of WARP joins Full of Ship to discuss what do customers ask for when it comes to visibility, what are the big trends in challenges coming up in the next few years and more.

6:31 What was the opportunity you saw in the market that led to WARP?
14:48 How has being tech-focused changed the tides with your business?
18:10 What challenges have you found in attracting operational talent?
21:20 How do y...
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Steven Weisensee from Continental Logistics joins Full of Ship to talk about everything you need to know about the chassis shortage, potential shifts happening between the ports, industry infrastructure and more!

6:40 Everything you need to know about the chassis shortage
18:50 How is Port Jersey dealing with empty return location changes
22:54 Is it getting better? Worse? Or no change in sight?
27:35 Let's talk about infrastructure. W...
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Eric Rempel of Redwood Logistics joins Full of Ship to discuss of all the digital solutions, which is furthest along the curve, what needs to change in the industry to help the non-tech person and more.

3:30 Who does Redwood Serve? How do you help?
4:47 What has popped up in the last few years that you didn't see before?
7:35 What has been the biggest bang for your customer's buck?
11:54 How long did it take you to fully automate?
Mark as Played
Lars Jensen, CEO of Vespucci Maritime & Industry Expert, joins Full of Ship to discuss what companies have responded well to the "supply chain crisis, what is visibility, what influence has it had over the past decade and much more.

3:48 What companies have responded well to the "supply chain crisis?"
9:47 "What we perceive as 'large events,' I tend to perceive as noise."
16:51 Are the loudest players simply noise creators?
23:03 W...
Mark as Played
Krenar Komoni, CEO, Founder at Tive Inc. joins Kyle Henderson to discuss what have been the drivers behind the need/desire for better visibility data, what is the OpenVisibility Network, and the actionable insights companies can use with visibility.

6:20 When did you decide to move from devices to software to services and why?
15:40 What is the OpenVisibility Network? How and why did it start?
19:56 How have customers been able to u...
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David Warrick, Executive Vice President from Overhaul, joins Full of Ship to discuss pain points of box software, what c-suite executives need to with data & analytics moving forward, is analytics process optimization the solution and finally what does the next generation of supply chain look like.

5:40 Let’s talk about the pain points of box software
11:25 What do supply chains need to do from the c-suite perspective with data a...
Mark as Played
Hannah Testani from Intelligent Audit joins Full of Ship to discuss what have cargo owners learned and what will they do differently, the evolution of tech over the years, and what is next for the freight audit space.

4:01 What has the evolution of technology been like over the years?
6:16 What is WBENC and how do you get certified in it?
12:49 Diversity - The importance of it and the ROI
14:40 How has the understanding of data evolve...
Mark as Played
Grace Sharkey and Kyle Henderson continue the conversation talking about why are we seeing more partnerships between tech players and platform suites, investments into proactive management, and predictions of M&A activity in 2022.

1:33 With all this attention on the supply chain, what is the c-suite doing to address the issues?
7:46 10% of every effort we make goes into moving stuff
8:27 What M&A activity do you see for 2022?
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