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GameTime Cleveland 178: Momentum Shift

November 18, 201327 min
The Browns laid an egg in Cincinnati. How did things fall apart so quickly? What needs to be fixed and can they do it in time for the Steelers game this weekend? Things went better for the Buckeyes but Baylor is breathing down their necks in the BCS polls. Will OSU's schedule be enough to keep them in the hunt for a title shot in case Alabama or Florida State slip up? And why are the Cavs fighting with each other? Shouldn't they be using some of that energy on the court to beat up the opponents? It's GameTime!

Hosts: Mike Kresic, Tom Kresic
Running Time: 27:44

1Q: Browns blown out in Cincinnati

Bengals crush the Browns 41-20. Cincy scored 31 POINTS in the 2nd qtr!!!

Browns started great, leading 13-0. Haden picked Dalton twice, including a pick 6.

Can’t blame the bye week for rust given our fast start. But played like a different team in the 2nd quarter.

With a team full of young guys, who expected the veteran QB to lay the egg? And where was Bess again? Shouldn’t the vets be the calming influence when the team makes a mistake or falls behind to stem the tide? 31 points in a quarter SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN!

Campbell had a terrible game (27/56, 248yds, 1TD, 3 INT, 44.3 passer rating). His INT led to a Bengals TD.

Bengals ST blocked Lanning punt for a TD.

Vontaze Burfict returned a Chris Ogbonnaya fumble 24 yds for a TD.

Campbell found Gordan for a 74yd TD that closed to 31-20. But that was as close as we got.

Dalton was not much better. Our Defense played well for the most part. But offense and Special Teams had too many turnovers.


2Q: Where do the Browns go from here?

All the ‘Campbell’s amazing. He was a winner at Oakland until he got hurt’ geniuses are now singing a different tune. Suddenly now its “we were never going to win with a career backup QB” and “that’s why he couldn’t beat out Hoyer when Weeden went down in Game 2”.

Not getting our play makers involved enough. Too many check downs against CIncinnati. And even against Baltimore, we let them take our two best guys out of the game. Gordan and Cameron need to do a better job of getting open.

No time to drown in our sorrows. The Steelers come to town on Sunday. Look out now, but they’ve got the same record we do after they started the year 0-4.

I expect Campbell to come out and have a much better game (like Bess did a few weeks ago) because he’s a proud guy. But they better put some points on the board this time. A home crowd should help.


3Q: Buckeyes crush Illinois

Buckeyes wallop the Fighting Illini 60-35

Carlos Hyde did not start due to an academic issue. But he only missed the first 2 plays and ended up with 246 yards and 4 TDs.

Braxton took 3rd play of the game for 70 yards for a TD.

Braxton’s passing was horrible all day, partly due to the windy conditions (13/29, 150yds, 2 TDs) but rushed for 184 rushing yds & 1 TD.

Hyde scored on a simple out pass 18 yds out with 5mins left in 1st Qtr. 14-0 Buckeyes.

After jumping out to 28-0 lead, they got bored and let the Illini get back into it. Meyer also rested his starting LT Jack Mewhort at that time and his backup did a poor job filling in.

Hard to get up for all of these weak teams each and every game. The Buckeyes need some better competition. Illinois hasn’t won a Big10 game in two years!


4Q: Cavs fighting off the court

Losing begets losing. And the Cavs have been doing plenty of that the last three years.

Team got into it in a players-only meeting after getting blown out by 29 to the T-Wolves.

Dion Waiters denying reports of physical confrontations, though Kyrie has a black eye and broken nose.







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