September 8, 201666 min
We kick-off a new season of "Standing on my Soapbox," with guest co-host, Greg Archer, actor, writer, and producer. Greg has interviewed many of the top celebrities in the country, and his web series with creative partner Jeff Dinnell, "The You and The Me," is a YouTube sensation. Some topics this week include Greg's Red Carpet Review of the Rob Lowe Roast on Comedy Central on Labor Day, we will talk about the new bachelor-like, "Finding Prince Charming," debuting on Logo tomorrow night, scare up some talk about some LGBT paranormal ghost chasers in Ohio searching for LGBT ghosts, and a lil dab of politics.

"Standing on my Soapbox," is a weekly call-in radio show, that Rants, Raves, and Reviews the week in LGBT News, Pop Culture, and a lil Politics. I bring in a rotating group of Co-Host's, who join the conversation, and we welcome YOU to call-in and give your two cents worth on our current topics, or those of your own. The call-in number is 347-989-0126 and we hope you'll have so

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