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09/14/16 Singer-Percussionist Debora Galan

September 21, 201659 min
Debora’s passion for music and her ability to sing was realized at a young age. Debora learned her first Mexican “Rancheras” singing to herself in front of the mirror as she waited for her parents to come home from work. In High School is when Debora had the chance to really show her ability when her 9th grade music teacher gave her a solo singing role in her first stage performance. It was then…a star was born! Her deep love for music has been since evident in every aspect of her life.
A native of Spain, Debora inherited her love of music and singing from her grandfather and mother who both sang and performed flamenco. At age 17, Debora’s professional performing career actually started in Latin Jazz & Salsa clubs with top ranking bands and also opening for major Latin performances in Washington, D.C. Debora’s move to San Diego began her career singing gospel and contemporary Christian music. Another true-to-her-heart tribute to who she is and the love her spirit radiates.
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