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Her Huddle brings you exclusive interviews with the leading ladies of the NFL plus chinwags aplenty as Hannah Wilkes and a host of special guests cover all things football. From fresh takes on the latest news, to fantasy conundrums and all the weird and wonderful things that happen off the field, nothing is off limits, no holds are barred and everyone’s welcome in Her Huddle.


March 7, 2024 24 mins
Hannah is joined by Afia Law, the head of NFL flag football development to discuss the rapid growth of the sport, especially amongst women. They also discuss the Jets & Bears girls flag league which is back for another year.
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Hannah, Liz and Ash take a look back at Super Bowl LVIII where the Kansas City Chiefs got the job done against the San Francisco 49ers.

After cementing their dynasty is there still more to come from Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid? And were the 49ers confused by the playoff overtime rules?
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Hannah, Liz and Ash are back to preview Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. As well as making their predictions for the big game, hear from Phoebe Schecter and Olivia Harlan Dekker who are out in Las Vegas.
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February 2, 2024 48 mins
Hannah is joined by Liz and Ash as they look ahead to Super Bowl 58, give out their 2023 season awards and speculate if Taylor Swift will make the trip from Tokyo to Las Vegas in time for the big game.
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Hannah Wilkes is joined by Claire Parnell and Shannon Jones from NFL International to hear how they are working to grow the game around the world. From working on the International Games, to helping to promote flag football and everything in between!
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Hannah is joined by Liz, Ash and Phoebe to break down all the fallout from the divisional round playoff games, and discuss the latest from the NFL's coaching carousel.

They then preview the conference championship games and make their cases for which teams should and will reach Super Bowl LVIII.
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January 18, 2024 47 mins
Hannah, Liz and Ash look back on a busy week for the NFL, including Bill Belichick’s departure from the Patriots. Plus, they look ahead to the divisional playoff round.
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Hannah, Liz and Ash are back to discuss some head coach moves, including the shock exit of Pete Carroll at the Seattle Seahawks.

Plus, we look ahead to the playoffs and predict how we think Super Wild Card weekend will go.
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Hannah, Liz and Ash are back to look ahead to the final week of the regular season and discuss who they think will seal their spots in the playoffs.
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Hannah and Phoebe are joined by Mona Stevens, Team Germany's quarterback and a global flag football ambassador.

Mona tells us about her journey into American football and how she has helped to get more women involved in the sport in Germany.

She also talks about her love of flag football and swapping jerseys with Patrick Mahomes!
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December 21, 2023 36 mins
Hannah is joined by Liz and Ash to look back on Week 15 and to preview the festive schedule as the playoffs get ever closer.

Plus, we make our NFL Christmas wishes.
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Hannah Wilkes speaks to Buffalo Bills team reporter, Maddy Glab to find out what it's like to cover an NFL team from up close.

Maddy describes her journey from her local TV beginnings to finding her position in professional football, and also tells Hannah about reporting on Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest and subsequent recovery and comeback.
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Hannah is joined by Liz and Ash to look back on the best of the action from Week 13 - a week which saw the San Francisco 49ers produce a statement win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Plus, the team look ahead to some mouth-watering Week 14 fixtures, including Chiefs vs Bills and Cowboys vs Eagles and reveal their NFL Christmas wish-lists.
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In this episode of Her Huddle, Hannah Wilkes and Phoebe Schecter speak to Italy Women's flag football captain Nausicaa Dell'Orto.

She explains how she helped form a female American Football team in Milan, and the personal difficulties she faced in doing so.
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In this episode of Her Huddle, Phoebe Schecter speaks to Ukrainian flag footballer, Olha Hariacha.

She tells the story of how her country appeared at the European Championships despite the backdrop of war in her homeland.
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In our week 9 chatty pod, Hannah Wilkes is joined by Liz Bhandari and Ash Byrne-Hansen.

We take a look back at Week 9, as Ash gives an insight into the scenes in Frankfurt as the Chiefs overcame the Dolphins in an epic.

We also give our mid-season predictions as well as revealing who we believe to be the best current rookie and who would make our current MVP of the season so far.
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Hannah Wilkes is joined by Phoebe Schecter and Olivia Harlan Dekker, with the trio discussing Olivia’s career path and why she follows family footsteps by working on the NFL. Excitement also builds for the huge game in Frankfurt on Sunday between the Chiefs and Dolphins.
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October 27, 2023 38 mins
Hannah, Ash, and Liz take you through the shocks and surprises of Week 7, breakdown the week 8 Sunday Sky games and do a Trade Deadline trick-or-treat.
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Hannah Wilkes is joined (in a pub in London!) by Kay Adams. The American broadcaster discusses her route into TV presenting and her role in the growth of 'Good Morning Football'.
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Around the NFL podcast hero, Gregg Rosenthal joins Hannah and Phoebe as they preview a blockbuster Sunday of Football on Sky Sports, including the final London game of the 2023 season and who will be the more unstoppable force Derrick Henry or Lamar Jackson.
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