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Today's guest is Rachel Smets

Topic: Taking charge of your life and the risk of staying in your comfort zone


Rachel Smets is a coach, bestselling author, TEDx speaker, Lecturer International Business and Cultural Trainer.
In her work, Rachel is dedicated to help ambitious people who live abroad to gain clarity, find connections so that they can feel in control and energized to succeed abroad, enjoy their new surroundings and feel at home abroad.

She has been living and working abroad in various countries, for many years and has learned to turn every challenge into a new opportunity. Through her experience abroad, she developed a passion for languages and cultural diversity.
Her bestseller ‘’Awaken your confidence’’ explains how you can build confidence step by step. Her newest book Living abroad Successfully: What, Where, When, How, is a complete and practical guide from deciding to live abroad to enjoying a successful stay abroad.
Rachel loves to inspire people and help them to become their best selves!

Website: http://www.rachelsmets.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1.RachelSmets/
YouTube: http://bit.ly/YouTube-RachelSmets/
TEDx Talk: Your Next Step http://bit.ly/RachelSmets-TEDxTalk
TEDx Talk: Stop comparing. Be the best YOU. http://bit.ly/RSmets-TEDx-Comparing
Book: Awaken Your Confidence http://amzn.to/2cl425Q
Book: Living Abroad Successfully: What, Where, When, How https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076F9Z9FP/
Free updates, news and 7 Keys to success: http://bit.ly/RachelSmets-FreeActionGuide
Course Living Abroad Successfully: https://www.udemy.com/living-abroad-successfully/learn/v4/overview

Are you living abroad, trying to adjust, but feeling disconnected and frustrated? Wanna know how to make it an amazing experience? 
Here's a free video course to help you settle in, meet people, feel happy and fulfilled EASY!

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