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September 4, 201653 min
"Is snooping a disease"
I have never been insecure or jealous before but lately I've been on something crazy. My husband got a new job working around a lot if professional nice looking women. It didn't bother me at first but recently we went to his company picnic and I actually saw these ladies with my own eyes. He was laughing and joking with them and just interacting in a way that he never really does with me. We argued all the way home that night, because I felt some kinda way. Since then I've been checking his phone, emails, pockets and watching his social media pages. I have seen a few questionable things on social media where a woman might overly like a post or picture, or make a flirty comment. But he is very very careful with his phone and keeps it close to him. It isn't password protected or anything so when I can get to it I go through it as much as I can. I've seen a couple of text that could possibly be flirtatious. It looks like he's been delet

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