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February 19, 201559 min
^Another Great Radio Show, #TALK-TIME-Thursday, (02/19/15), @ 12pm, cst, #Join us for the *BEST* Intellectual hour of your life! **Calling ALL Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Network Marketing Individuals** BEST 2 Minute Elevator Pitch Contest ~TWO Minutes of FAME for FREE~ ☆BORN AGAIN VIRGIN? ☆Hell No, I cannot date you, you have too many kids, (How many is to many)? (Let’s Clear the Air –On Air) ☆HOW TO FIND MORE CUSTOMERS! ☆Share your views @ 708-223-8953! Be Informed, Be Inspired,

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THURSDAY, (02.19.2015), DATING 101.....You start dating, and you find out after the third date the person has 11 kids, How many kids
would you be okay with and why?.. you would say? In-box you responses NOW or CALL 708.223.8953

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