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Makin Waves With Darci

October 20, 201575 min
READY, It’s Showtime, be sure to tune in….
TALK-TIME-TUESDAY, (10/20/15), @ 12pm, cst,
☆SPORTS AFFAIR...LIVE, you don't wanna miss our Sportscaster☆
“PUBLIC WELFARE (Help or Hindrance)”
☆Top of the hour...* “ATM Daily Limit, Drug Testing, What to Eat, is this Constitutional?
☆Middle of the hour...* ARE YOU THE ONE? How do you know if you are the one?
☆Bottom of the hour...*Quick Question Trivia Tuesday? (Register for Cash & Prizes)

One show, two topics, don’t forget to spread the word!

Another Great Radio Show, Join us for the best Intellectual Dialogue hour! Tuesday, October 20, 2015, at 12:00pm, cst, 1:00pm, est, Listen or View, comment by phone, by dialing (708) 223-8953. Or join the chatroom conversation on-line on at, an iheartradio station!

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