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November 22, 201656 min
Intro: You got a fast car I gotta go to the colee royce show, I was late and missed my Uber...I saw you driving so I got right in...I also hoped to see the colee royce show Live if i can get it on intellectualradio

Happy Birthday Song to Marcus. Crack on Marcus about him passing up on his Birthday, Big BIG BIG Boots(Ladies, not only can he play the guitar with gentle stokes but he secures his futune a man with Big feet!

UBER CONFESSIONAL -American Girl doll. That over trip where the family from Maryland and the young seven-year-old daughter was going to get a American Girl doll so I had to make sure she got all the accessories therefore making the parents having to pay or listen to all the ones from the kid LOL

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*What is something embarrassing that you have done in a public place? Pass gas, digging for gold, tripped and waste

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