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Let’s Talk About Sex with Dr. Barb DePree

September 18, 201656 min
Aired Sunday, 18 September 2016, 9:00 PM ET

Sex is the three letter word that raises the eyebrows and piques everyone’s interest. As sexual health and sexual urges change for men and women as they move into midlife, the mystery that shrouds sex only grows larger.

Join Sylvia and her guest Dr. Barb DePree, gynecologist and founder of the popular website, as they discuss sexual health and Dr. DePree’s recipe for lifelong intimacy.

About the Guest Dr. Barb DePree

Barb DePree, M.D., a gynecologist in practice for over 25 years, specializes in midlife women’s health. She is certified through the North American Menopause Society as a provider, and was named the 2013 NAMS Certified Menopause Provider of the year. Sharecare named her as a Top 10 Social Healthmaker for Menopause in September of 2013.

Finding that products helpful to her patients’ sexual health were not readily available, Dr. DePree founded The website was created to share practice-tested, c

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