064 Ian Bezek - How to Outperform Any Hedge Fund

July 18, 201633 min
Today’s guest is long-term investment expert, Ian Bezek. Ian has had an interest in the stock market and investment industry since he was a young boy and his passion has driven him to an impressive career. After opening his first brokerage account at the age of 18, he attended college to enhance his knowledge and skills in the investment world. While in college, he began investing his time and money into researching market while growing his portfolio.  After graduating college, Ian was recruited to work as an analyst at a large hedge funds company in New York, where he worked for approximately three years. Today, Ian shares his views on market volatility, long-term investments, short-sales, and options as well as provides valuable words of wisdom for new and experienced investors.  Please welcome Ian Bezek to the show! SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES Give us a Rating and Review Here’s a recap of today’s episode:  Who is Ian and what inspired him to become an investor at the tender age of 1

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