074 Dana Blankenhorn - What We Got Wrong About Apple

August 16, 201631 min
Dana Blankenhorn has been a tech journalist for forty years and knows the industry well. He recently wrote an article about how Apple (AAPL) surprised investors with their capital outlay and success in cloud computing. In this interview we discus why cloud matters and how Apple is winning. Of course, talking to Dana about tech is like opening a fire hydrant (in a good way!). He has so much to share and has a unique ability to express it in understandable and enjoyable ways. Some highlights: Why everyone expected bad earnings for Apple, and were wrong. What it takes to succeed in cloud and why Apple is doing so well. What Apple needs to do next to stay on top. Is Apple insane to try to build a car? Why cloud is so important and who is dominating the market. Conversely, we discussed who has lost with cloud. We also discuss how the way things change, is changing. Will IBM and General Electric be the next "sexy" stocks? What the "Cancer Moonshot" teaches us about the great

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