075 Jesse Moore - Tesla, Asteroid Mining, And Space Elevators

August 18, 201631 min
Jesse Moore comes out of the oil industry (upstream, midstream, and downstream) and brings with it special insights that help him as an investor. Recently, he wrote about whether Tesla's autonomous vehicle program is a self-defeating business model and I wanted to sit down learn more about his thesis and thoughts. He also wrote about how the first trillionaire will make their money and how space elevators will help. We talk about that as well. Some hightlights: Is Tesla's autonomous car program a self-defeating business model? Do we really understand the mechanics of vehicle utilization rates? Google versus Tesla and the safety of autonomous cars. How significant of a role will autonomous vehicles really play? How long will it take for them to take hold (assuming they do)? Why teenagers don't want to drive. What will happen to gas prices if electric vehicles significantly impact oil demand? Does $30 oil make electric cars a losing proposition? How close are we to asteroid mining and w

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