078 Ian Bezek - Getting Rich Finding 100 Baggers

August 29, 201630 min
Ian Bezek joins us for the follow-up to his previous interview (An Editor's Pick on Seeking Alpha). A few highlights: The book that best represents his portfolio strategy. Why 70% price declines in your holdings don't have to be a bad thing. Which company makes up more than 10% of Ian's portfolio and why. Why he doesn't like Gilead and Apple as investments. How Ian uses stock screeners and what specifically he looks for. What specifically he looks for when reading Annual Reports. Why he reads the "Risk Factors" sections first on the 10-K. What tool he uses to study company income statements. What three filters every investment must pass through before he's willing to buy. Parting advice for new (and old) investors. I hope you enjoy the interview. 100 Baggers Book  

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