079 Mark Hibben - How Boring Is The New iPhone 7 Going To Be?

August 31, 201647 min
Mark Hibben is one of my favorite tech experts when it comes to investing. Especially when it comes to Apple. In this interview we dive in to the upcoming September 7th Apple event and what we should expect out of the new iPhone 7. We also spend a few minutes addressing the EU tax decision and whether it really makes any difference to Apple. A few highlights: Is Apple the bad guy when it comes to the tax decision? Is there any chance Apple will actually ever pay anything as a result of the decision? What changes should we expect in regard to the iPhone 7 case and antennas? What kind of screen upgrade will we most likely see? What big changes are planned regarding the headphone jack and why should anyone care? Thoughts on a late breaking rumor related to the mechanical buttons on the phone? What Apple patents tell us to expect about future iPhone finger print technology. Why a faster processor really matters. How Apple has responded to recent zero day exploits regarding the iPhone. How

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