080 Mark Bern - The Desperate Earnings Cover-Up Of 2016

September 1, 201638 min
Mark Bern is an established Seeking Alpha contributor who wrote a series of articles titled "Earnings Heading in the Wrong Direction." I've had Mark on the show before and wanted to catch up with to learn more about his thesis. Essentially, Mark has been looking beyond what companies are reporting to find actual GAAP numbers, then comparing them year-over-year to see what the real trends are. A few highlights: Are the reports that 60-70% of companies are beating earnings really a well crafted lie? Why most companies no longer report GAAP earnings. How companies earnings compare today compare with a year ago. How much the difference between GAAP and non-GAAP earnings has grown in recent years. How 2015 GAAP numbers compare with 2011 (Hint:Not well). What's driving today's high market valuations. How Mark defines what a quality company is and why it matters in a correction. How he hedges in today's market environment. How 2016 earnings are shaping up compared to 2011. Where he sees str

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