081 Jesse Moore - Why You Should Wait For A Market Crash

September 5, 201635 min
Jesse Moore is back on the show to share his personal approach to investing. We talk about how he started about using probability weighted methods for investing in oil wells and went on to highly leveraged tech investing before landing on value investing as his preferred guiding philosophy. We have a great conversation about weighing the risks of a future market crash and what to do with our portfolios in the meantime. A few highlights: Why he pulled all his money from the markets and started reading Graham and Buffett. What it means to invest in a story instead of just a stock. We discuss the current opportunity that copper is offering investors. Why he thinks many commodities are poised to face a supply struggle in coming years. How he handles the struggle of finding value in today's markets. Should investors just wait for a stock crash instead of risking capital in overvalued markets? Why he has most of money in cash (except for a high risk copper miner). What his overall investing

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