084 Lawrence Fuller - Sell Everything!

September 12, 201636 min
Lawrence Fuller has been investing professionally since the early 1990's and has plenty of battle scars from the Tech Bubble. Those scars set him up to whether the Great Recession a bit better and both of these events have him growing increasingly cautious today. In this interview, we discuss his recent article "Sell Everything!" where he cites the current caution of Jeffrey Gundlach, Bill Gross, Stanley Druckenmiller, Jeremy Grantham, George Soros, and Carl Icahn, to name a few. A few highlights: Details about his "Tactical Approach" to managing his portfolio. What he has in common with Jeffrey Gundlach. Details about what he likes to call the "Monetary policy of lunacy." The dangers of getting lazy in a market that only goes up. Why it matters that everyone is looking bottom up and not top down in reference to stocks. What it was like to wake up with heart palpitations every Sunday night during the last financial crisis. How no one really knows how markets work today and why should

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