088 Shock Exchange - Valeant Is Worth $11

September 20, 201625 min
Ralph (Shock Exchange) and I sit down to discuss some of his recent work on Valeant Phramaceuticals. If you're like me, you've heard a lot about Valeant, but may not have a strong understanding of what's going on at the company. After this interview, you should have a much clearer picture. A few highlights: What was Valeant's business model and how did it get them into trouble? What's behind the great Valeant implosion over the past year? Who is Philidor and how have they hurt Valeant? Who all is suing Valeant and why? What's up with the Bill Ackman insider trading accusations? What is their present financial outlook (Hint: Yikes)? Is there any good news? The current bull case. What is the company worth, and why?

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