099 Kiplinger - How Augmented Reality Will Impact Your Portfolio

October 11, 201624 min
I sit down with John Miley, Associate Editor with The Kiplinger Letter with a special focus on technology. This is the second of three interviews with John. Each interview lasts around 20 minutes and focus on 5G Technology, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Drones and Robots respectively. For each podcast, John shares details about where each technology stands, where it appears to be heading, what companies will be most impacted, and what it will mean for the economy and consumers. A quick overview of our second interview: Did Oculus bungle their VR headset release? Is AR/VR the natural evolution of smartphone technology? Why it matters that Google's new smartphone was built for their VR platform. How big and untapped of a market is AR/VR? Examples of how VR is already being used in education. How AR/VR will forever change the consumer shopping experience. What AR/VR means for experiencing "live" events. The role of Google Glass. The impact on chip and sensor makers. When to expect A

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