107 Barron's - The Economy Money Can't Fix

October 24, 201619 min
Overview When you have a hammer, everything is a nail With Central Bankers, their tool is money and it’s becoming apparent their trillions can’t fix everything; but that doesn’t stop them from trying Fed Chair Janet Yellen suggested recently that creating a “high pressure economy” could help with the sluggish recovery, most notably the unprecedented number of Americans who not only aren’t working, but aren’t even in the labor force In a speech at the Boston Fed, Yellen said that pushing economic growth could counter the lingering effects of the great recession The backdrop is the widely anticipated .25% Fed rate hike in Dec of this year Yellen offered a defense for going slow with the rate hikes saying it has been in order to keep the pressure on the economy This stronger economic growth would motivate businesses to invest more in expansion, especially if they could be more confident in the future This could spur more R&D and faster growing start-ups If you’re not in the labor market

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